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View your devices serial number and firmware version in the Beats app for Android

You can now choose which language will be used for each app in Settings. In Samsung Keyboard, more than 80 additional emojis are available for creating an emoji pair. You can now combine emojis based on animals, food, and other objects in addition to facial expressions.

Use the lip-sync adjustment on your TV or source device. Many TVs and source devices offer a lip-sync adjustment that lets you compensate for these errors. Check the Settings menus in your devices for this adjustment , and if it’s available, increase the compensation until the lip-sync error disappears. Use the HDMI ARC jack on both the TV and the soundbar. ARC allows a TV to send audio signals from its internal services and connected AV devices to a soundbar.

If you are using a separate audio source such as a Blu-ray player, check the audio output settings of that device to ensure that the subwoofer is enabled. Make sure your source devices and TV are set to output a bitstream audio signal. If the PCM setting is selected instead, you get only stereo sound.


Unplug the TV from the wall outlet and check the power cord for any visible damage. If the cord is damaged, it will need to be replaced. On most models, it’s next to an icon that has a “?” in it. If you’ve been unable to troubleshoot the problem, a quick hard reset will clear up just about any issues you might encounter. This wikiHow article will show you how you can restore any Samsung smart TV to its original factory settings. If your device is unable to connect to the internet, there is a problem with your router or the Wi-Fi settings on your device.

  • For any older Samsung device, the best place to look is typically in the corresponding XDA forum.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, you will need to contact Samsung customer support.
  • If the Software Update option is greyed out, exit and change your TV source to Live TV, then return to Software Update.
  • PlatformIO is a professional collaborative platform for embedded development.

Do not attempt sideloading methods to revert back. The Odin software only works with Windows, so make sure to have a PC handy. Extract the ZIP file for the latest version and run the EXE file inside of it to launch Odin. The phone may display different phrasing, such as in this LineageOS example.

How to fix Sling TV not working on Phone in Japan?

Your TV turns itself on, lights up the room, and the software update downloads. It may restart itself in the process of updating. If you do not have a high-speed Internet connection, your device may not be able to be updated. If your Samsung TV has hardware issues or is experiencing performance issues, you should update its software.

Samsung Tv Software Update Not Available

Next, try restarting both your TV and the Paramount Plus app. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Finally, if all else fails, contact Samsung TV and Paramount Plus customer support for further assistance.

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